Sustainable Logistics

Sustainable Logistics reduces shipping costs by employing a more efficient, environmentally-friendly approach to logistics. Simply put, you save time and money while making a positive difference to the world around you. Sanchez has invested in the resources and partners to make this happen for clients that want to make a difference to their bottom line and the lives of others.

Sanchez logistics works with certified "green" transportation providers, packaging vendors, and government agencies that utilize eco-friendly technologies and processes. By integrating a network of these providers we've we are minimizing the depletion of resources that normally results from logistics activity. Additionally, we created business model that channels savings from shipping activity for charitable contributions to humanitarian relief work. We've integrated these benefits into our process so every shipment makes a positive difference for our communities.

Sanchez Logistics is assisting LogiServe Inc. as part of a select team of experts assisting the state of Wisconsin in helping small to mid-sized companies (less than 500 employees) implement profitable sustainable logistics. If your company is based in the state of Wisconsin, your business may qualify for special economic subsidies and services through the Wisconsin Profitable Sustainability Initiative. Call Sanchez at 414-777-5740 for more information.

We allocate 2.5% of freight savings generated to assist hungry families in impovershed areas in becoming self-sustainable. Every shipment helps purchase the gift of livestock and education that teaches the needy how to become self-sufficient in feeding their families. Contributions are made to Heifer International.

For every $50,000 of freight we manage for a client, we plant a tree in their name.