A good process is everything. Your people can get more done at a lower cost and with less effort with a more efficient process. This begins with our process- using a good process for matching transportation services from quality carriers with the needs of your business. Sanchez Logistics employs a proven, proprietary methodology that achieves results without requiring your time or resources. We do all of the work, managing all aspects of identifying savings opportunities for you.

    Our 6 Step Process

    1. Define Requirements

  • Your Business
  • Your Customers
  • 2. Comprehensive Freight Cost Database
  • By Mode: Inbound - Outbound -Third Party
  • 3. Benchmark
  • Findings Determine Solutions
  • Estimated Savings Calculated
  • Outline Process Improvements
  • 4. Negotiate Pricing & Services Improvements
  • Publish RFP and Evaluate Carrier Responses
  • Recommend Core Carrier Menu
  • 5. Implement Improvements
    6. Monitor - Refine - Report